Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quick Hits and Other Notes

Happy New Year everyone.

Jan, 1, 2008 and another year starts anew.

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Quality Ads

Been seeing a lot of hospital quality ads lately. HealthGrade ratings are out touting we are the best. How many people out there really understand that hospitals and health systems have to pay a lot of money to use the HealthGrade logo and rankings? Not many I expect. Five stars, four stars etc, kind of like choosing from a menu at a restaurant. Wish my doctor had admitting privileges at all those hospitals, then we could pick and choose where to go. Like that is going to happen. I'd rather have info about medication and surgical error rate and malpractice suit results, physician qualifications and satisfaction rates.

Hospital Ad Wars

Always fun to watch hospital dueling in the marketplace with ads. Especially in a two hospital town. Lots of ad dollars and the only ones that profit are the local papers and radio stations. The ads are silly, cover nothing, have no call to action and look the same. My doctor and I make the decision of where to go based on my insurance, what's needed and the hospital she prefers to practice at. Humm..... there I go again thinking that doctors and managed care plans are the ones driving where to go, not hospital advertising. Gee, think they might want to work on customer service and improve how they treat people?

New Hospital Opening
Illinois newest greenfield hospital was to open December, 2007. Rumor now has it that it will open on January 14, 2007, over 5 weeks late. Last one was built and opened over 25 years ago.

How are they marketing leading up to the opening? Poorly at best. It is typical of the old build it mentality and they shall come. What an opportunity passed by. I live in the community and little marketing is taking place. Arrogant and Imperial. Each time I go to work and drive past the place its as dark and quite as could be.

I know lets do a some silly billboards with no call to action or even showing where the hospital is, no radio, one direct mail piece and one newspaper ad. Yep, that will sure draw attention. Think that maybe after spending $160 million plus to build it that it would take a little more than that to raise awareness. A couple of weeks to go and a big thud in the market.

That's it for today. Happy New Year everyone

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