Monday, July 13, 2009

Pharma, hospital, healthcare reform and marketing

Saving money?

Okay, who is kidding whom? Pharma gives up $80 billion for healthcare reform for Medicare Part D. Hospitals get on the bandwagon and give up $155 billion in Medicare funding. Total savings $235 billion. Is it real savings or just slowing the growth? Medicare and Medicaid programs are never really cut, just the rate of spending growth slows.

Its just the gov doing their own cost shift dance. You, me, we all pay for these "savings".

Biologic drugs for diseases under reform?

Pharma now wants legislation passed giving them a 13 year exclusivity on biologically derived drugs before biosimilar generics can be introduced. Granted they are complicated and expensive to produce, but really, 13 years to recover costs? Nonsense! I say 6-7 years max and then bring on the generics. Its not reform, just the same old game with different clothes.

Hospital marketing departments, time to tack action!

So hospital marketing and pr departments, what are you doing to drive change in your strategy and tactics to be ready for the new healthcare environment? If you haven't started already, you are behind the eight-ball.

Hint......Focus on PR and media relations. Money well spent and you can produce an ROI. Stop the silly ads.

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