Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Public Realtions and Media - Leveraging the Obvious

This is a test.

Quick, what is the fastest way for you to build your brand in the community? Well, besides providing outstanding patient service and support, high quality care and so forth.

Try proactive media relations!

Each morning, someone in the marketing department should be scanning the newspapers, news wires such as the PR Newswire and the Business News Wire and other media outlets to see the hot healthcare topic of the day. Once identified, look to your medical staff or your internal employees to see if you have any content experts. Find the angle about why this is important. Develop some materials such as a news release or statement, get some times the physician or hospital spokesperson is available and pitch them to the media. Put the materials on your web site. Use the news wires for a regional release.

It's all about speed, reaction and first to the media.

It's summer and that means a slow news period!

Two articles in the WSJ today worth commenting on. Outpatient surgery in the docs office and bad outcomes including death, and ten things you need to know about healthcare reform. Have any good quality examples of your docs performing outpatient surgery in their offices? What is your position on healthcare reform?

Sweeps month is coming up, never to earlier to establish your organization as the go-to content experts. Especially when it is a slow news day.

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