Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts for the future

Video releases

Next year how about your healthcare organization producing some video release of with docs explaining what happens when a firecracker goes off in your hand. Use a crash test dummy. Great visual for media. Put it on your favorite public access channel too. At the very least place it on your web site.

Hospital pay raises

I know lots of people who are not getting raises in hospitals this year. But somehow there is always money for the CEO and senior team for a job poorly done. Can you say like, do the right thing and not accept a raise?

Time for a new marketing book

Your marketing is making you look stupid. How is that for a title? Starting on the next great healthcare marketing book and consulting tour. Its time for the industry to wake up and do it right before healthcare reform comes along and the playing field is leveled. How do you spell differentiation?

Healthcare Reform

Speaking of healthcare reform... any clue on how you attract those individuals who can afford to pay privately and not wait in line for service? The next real battleground for revenue.

If you don't think there will be long lines and wait lists, just think about all those hospitals beds taken out of service when 47 million suddenly get access. Can you say, beds in the hallway?

Big insurance is in trouble and facing national healthcare on some level. Why should an employer pay outrageous premiums when they may have the possibility to opt into a government program. The financial analysts, Wall Street and investors will hate that. Too bad you already made your money.

Be a tax-exempt organization, you can behave just like a for-profit and not have to pay taxes. Pretty good deal

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Happy 4th of July everyone.

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