Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is your Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy?


Simply put, a Blue Ocean strategy is one where you redefine a market and dominate. By doing that you are swimming in a Blue Ocean free of your competition instead of swimming in the bloody Red Ocean of competitors beating each other up day-in and day-out.

For your information, a really good book is out on Blue Ocean strategy. I highly recommend you buy and read it. No specific plug or name provided nor payments here in accordance with FTC, FCC and SEC regulations. Search any of the fine book sellers out there for the text.

So how does this apply to healthcare marketing?

Healthcare is undifferentiated and for all practical purposes a commodity. Hospitals, health system, physicians and other providers have similar programs and services, have the same managed care contracts, share physicians etc., etc., etc, across multiple competitors.

The commoditization of healthcare is accelerating even more so now with the entrant of non-traditional providers who are competing on price and service, which is a deadly combination for traditional healthcare providers who are slow to change.

Hence a Blue Ocean strategy by major for-profit competitors actualized and in development in traditional healthcare services that is redefining markets and will eventually allow them to dominate. All the while you swim in the bloody Red Ocean of the “me too” look alike competition for the healthcare consumer.

Just because you package the same mouse trap differently than others, doesn’t mean it’s any different.

Developing what I call a Blue Ocean marketing strategy in truth stems from becoming a Blue Ocean strategy organization. Marketing leadership and organizational transformation at its best and you have can take the opportunity to grow professionally, personally. Be the innovator and show marketing as proactive rather than reactive.

Learn, apply and find your Blue Oceans to swim too from the bloody Red Oceans of unproductive competition.

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