Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you tell you have an ineffective healthcare marketing operation?

Strategy and effective marketing operations is everything today in healthcare marketing. And if you have a bad strategy or no strategy, combined with marketing operational deficiencies, then no amount of tactical execution will overcome ineptitude. If you don't have a good strategy, any old road will get you to where you want to go, with significant inefficient resources utilization in cost, human capital and loss of return. Some of the verticals in the healthcare industry, are notorious for no strategy and just plain bad marketing operations, following the herd and just keeping the internal audience happy with what they want.

Here are the signs that you have a bad or nonexistent healthcare marketing strategy/operation:

1. There is no marketing plan.
2. The marketing plan is not integrated with the organizations business and financial plan.
3. Your brand messages are not clear, and are not integrated across internal and external audiences.
4. The CEO sets the marketing priorities based on what others are doing , the loudest voice in the room or just because he or she likes it.
5. Departments are creating their own logos and communications. Only coming to marketing to "make it look pretty".
6. Marketing has little or no resources allocated for market research.
7. Marketing does not have an organizational voice or champion.
8. Your marketing department can't demonstrate an ROI.
9. Sales is out there creating their own materials.
10. The triangle of Public and media relations, social media and internet, as well as traditional marketing is nonexistent or if it exists, lacks integration.
11. Little internal communication throughout the organization regarding marketing efforts.
12. Marketing is just viewed by senior management as a bunch of people who make things look pretty.
13. And my favorite, one senior vice president thinks thy have all the answers, doesn't listen to reason and thinks they can write as well.
14. Marketing is not at the senior management table.
15. Marketing does not report directly to the CEO.

Healthcare verticals where this is pretty common and relevant: hospitals; physicians offices; hospice; home health care; and specialty pharmacy.

Healthcare is transforming from a provider-dominated and directed model, where these types of behaviors and operational deficiencies really didn't make much of a difference. In the evolving consumer or patient-directed and dominated healthcare model, continuation of these marketing operational structures and behaviors need to be weeded out.

The healthcare consumer is becoming a harsh mistress and will not tolerate an unresponsive healthcare organizations. Old ways of marketing must be replaced with a new understanding of marketing in healthcare and its power in the marketplace.

Welcome to retail healthcare.

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Becky W said...

Michael – This is a really great article. So many truths in your list! Hopefully healthcare marketers and their exec teams will come around to all these points and prove their worth!