Thursday, January 19, 2012

How are you marketing your healthcare services to retired Baby Boomer's?

Heard an interesting statistic the other day, on a commercial no less. So for the discussion lets assume it's true. (Remember those FTC Truth-in-Advertising regulations?) That there are 10,000 people retiring every day. Kind of makes you stop and wonder, how do you reach out to a group that has changed every aspect of life and products as they moved through time? And I think that means that they won't necessarily need healthcare services, until the later years of their retirement. Or at the very least, wanting the ones you offer and the way you offer them today.

So instead of future happy days the docs are busy, the ER is bustling and the beds are filled, it may be more of asking where is everyone?

This group is healthier. Expects product and services to conform to their will and in the way they want them delivered. Expects an exceptional level of service and experience. Expects to be involved in the decision-making process. Values freedom, choices and uses mobile technologies. Does its homework and asks questions.

Which means, your healthcare marketing strategy and tactics probably needs to change.

That means the way you approach markets, the marketing channels you use, the way you communicate, your brand message, your value proposition, the patient experience, reporting on quality that is transparent and useful, as well as being able to listen to what healthcare consumers are telling you and responding accordingly. May even mean changing what healthcare services you offer.

With all the new payment models, combined with diagnostic and treatment alternatives to traditional hospital-based services, in more convenient and experience friendly settings, talking at people isn't doing your healthcare brand any favors. Especially when an aging population is used to choice and having it their way.

So as you think about your healthcare marketing challenges in 2012 and the years ahead, just remember that your audience is changing, expecting more and may even be using you less than at any other time in history.

Which also may mean, that healthcare marketing could be a significant piece of the puzzle that is missing from your business strategy.

After all, both my 89 year old Aunt's are on facebook and LinkedIn.

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