Saturday, May 5, 2012

Are you using social media, online marketing for an exceptional healthcare experience?

In the new world of healthcare where price, quality and a consumer paying more out-of-pocket costs for healthcare, social media and online marketing represents an opportunity that can be used advantageously to meet healthcare consumers demands for a better experience.

Social and online represents a great opportunity for patient/consumer/business directed healthcare organizations to break from the pack, by creating a social/online healthcare experience that is memorable, exceeding an individual, business or families experience and expectations.

Most healthcare organizations are still stumbling with using social media and the online experience to drive differentiation, meaningful information and experience.

In any case, when you look at your social media strategy and online presence, does it:

  • Delight your customer?
  • Create sustainable differentiation?
  • Is adaptable to new opportunities?
  • Leverages your investment?
  • Deliver in every situation?
Or, is it just pushing out information that is that you have deemed valuable to you, but carries no meaning for the information seeking consumer, or business? Does it meet the needs of those looking for solutions to challenges? Do you focus on features and benefits, not solutions or value?

This is the lens that you need to look through to objectively evaluate your efforts. If it's not doing these things, then chances are you are not delivering an exceptional social or online experience. But for that matter, neither are your competitors.

In the world of healthcare which is too much "me too", the social and online healthcare experience is pretty boring.

Make your social and online presence not just "good enough" but exceptional.

Michael Krivich is an internationally followed healthcare marketing blogger with over 4,000 monthly pages views in over 52 countries worldwide. He is founder of the michael J group, a healthcare marketing consultancy dedicated to creating value through strategic marketing for hospitals and health system regardless of payment mechanism, either fee-for-service or value-based to increase market-share, revenue , brand and demonstrate actual return on marketing investment. Michael is a Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives and a Professional Certified Marketer, American Marketing Association.


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