Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will healthcare marketing change with big data availability?

With the treasure trove of information available by applying big data analytics to the practice of healthcare marketing beyond traditional market research and surveys, is a new era of healthcare marketing getting ready to explode upon the industry?

Or, will the use of big data send healthcare organizations to ligation hell because some data was misused,  HIPAA was violated or patients just don't like the idea of marketers have access to data no matter how confidential, and the security steps taken to keep it that way?

Now that Walgreens and other non-traditional providers of healthcare services are expanding and taking a retail approach which is driven by big data, hospitals and health systems as well as others need to start paying attention, and looking at their healthcare services from a big data standpoint. That means analysis by taking big data chunks, down to smaller chunks of data looking for trends and insights into healthcare consumer’s behavior. 

And if you are going to manage population health and develop effective messaging on an individualized basis, then look to big data. Going away are the days of generic messaging, as we enter an age where individualization of messaging is key.

The healthcare consumer will use may use healthcare services in pretty novel ways going forward.  And that will become apparent in the data. It's not all about the hospital any longer. It’s about the business of healthcare, not hospital care.

If one desires the healthcare consumer to make "healthy choices"? If an organization wants the health care consumers to stay in network, then look at the data.  If the goal is to just even have the healthcare consumer to pay attention, then analyze the data to develop those mass customization messages that appear individualized, targeted at the health care consumer.

So while the analysis of the clinical and administrative data moves forward for population health management, take a step back and think what that means for the healthcare consumer.   They are people too. Not just clinical values.  Not just whether or not they are going in or out of network. Think how marketing can assist in all of the above.  And it's not making things sound good, read well or look pretty.

Don't use big data in your marketing and one will be scratching their head wondering what happened when that healthcare consumer train barrels past.

Big data is making healthcare marketing measurable and impactful.

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