Friday, December 26, 2014

Top 15 posts from Healthcare Marketing Matters in 2014

With the New Year approaching and many on vacation, I thought that I would look back over the last year of Healthcare Marketing Matters (HMM), which led to my own top 15 for 2014 based on page views.   Healthcare changes so quickly now it seems like yesterdays thoughts are ancient history.  But more often than not, those strategic writings show how valuable healthcare marketing can be in a time of great change.

A major milestone was crossed when Healthcare Marketing Matters passed the 200,000 pages viewed mark.  HMM continues to be read in 52 counties and in order of the most readership: United States; United Kingdom; France; India; Russia; Canada; Germany; Norway, China;  and Indonesia.  Average page views are over 5,000 per month.

 With that in mind, here are the top 15 posts from 2014 in Healthcare Marketing Matters. Thank you for reading. I know I am looking forward to another exciting year of change in 2015 as healthcare becomes more retail focused, and consumer friendly then it was on 2014. After all, it’s an evolution that is gaining increasing velocity and way past the tipping point for slowing down or stopping.

Happy New year everyone.  Best wishes for a prosperous 2015. 

Top 15 Healthcare Marketing Matters Post 2014
1.       How can healthcare marketing become a blue ocean strategy?

2.       Can social media drive healthcare consumers to the hospital?

3.       Is social media in hospitals easy?

4.       What don’t hospitals get about social media?

5.       Is retail healthcare all about the price? And can the hospital compete?

6.       Social media, hospitals and Facebook, a place to engage consumers?

7.       Should healthcare providers change marketing in an era of reform?

8.       Will healthcare marketing change with big data availability?

9.       Is patient experience management more than a single touch point focus?

10.   Is story telling the new healthcare marketing?

11.   How can the hospital dominate the five healthcare markets?

12.   Can Google Glass improve the patient experience?

13.   Is it time for hospital advertising to change?

14.   Is healthcare consumer and patient engagement all of the time the new reality?

15.   What happens when social media goes awry?

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