Monday, March 14, 2016

Are providers that challenged in delivering on patient experience?

Eighty-one percent of healthcare consumers are unimpressed with the healthcare experience as reported in The State of Consumer Healthcare: A Study of Patient Experience by Prophet and the GE Healthcare Camden Group, 2016.

Let me repeat, 81 percent of healthcare consumers are unimpressed with the healthcare experience.

That is just wrong.

And no defense or excuses are offered why providers are apparently so bad at creating and managing an acceptable level of experience for patients either. I think we all get that the patient experience is complex and interrelated.  The complexity of the experience concept is illustrated by the chart below. There are over 147 experience touch-points of experience with a provider across the patient experience journey.

But what seems to be happening each time a new experience survey or CEO top issues list comes out, leadership talks about it, makes profound statements about the importance of experience without much action, or token action at best.

That is the old way of doing business.

Where to start? Well, at the beginning because there are no easy button answers.

It all begins with the culture.

Patient experience improvement doesn’t happen overnight, especially in healthcare enterprises that have a cultural focus that it’s all about us, instead of a culture that focuses on the external patient or healthcare consumer. It isn’t driven by technology though that is a tactic and solution. Nor a one and done a training program. And experience is not a passing mention of the business or strategic plan.

The time between understanding and action in the healthcare consumer or patient experience expectations can be measured in minutes, not days or months or when one gets around to it. Notoriously slow in adapting is to new technologies and trends; providers need to start managing the experience across all touch-points.

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