Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Top 10 Posts from Healthcare Marketing Matters

It’s that time of the year where a; the Top 10 lists come out.  So, being a crowd follower (not), here are the Top 10 posts for 2018 from Healthcare Marketing Matters top to bottom.

Thank you for reading and best wishes for success and prosperity in 2019.

1. Increase the Power of Hospital Brand Marketing Using Your Triple Aim – Earned Media, Public Relations & Social Media

2. Hospital Marketing Appears Random and Unconnected, Says the Insured Healthcare Consumer

3. “Hey Alex, I Don’t Feel Well. Find A Physician Near Me.” Hospital Marketer, Is Your Website Optimized for Voice Search?

4. Social Media Use for Hospitals, the Easy Guide to Message and Channel Integration

5. Hospital Marketing Has a New Mission

6. Hospital Marketing If Done Right, Will Look Like a Distributive Network

7. What is Your Hospital Marketing Strategy Around Micro-Influencers?

8. Nine Essential Strategies for Engaging the Healthcare Consumer & Patient 24/7, Because That is the World They Live In.

9. Hospital Marketing If Done Right, Will Look Like a Distributive Network

10. It’s Not Social Media Anymore. Social Has Become the New Mainstream Media. Now what?

A note to my readers. You may have noticed that haven’t been posting as frequently as before. After 11 years of writing Healthcare Marketing Matters, the weekly research and topic selection becomes a bit of a chore. While there has been much progress in hospitals and marketing, it remains mired in a features approach looking at us and little content that fosters true engagement with the patient and healthcare consumer.

The other reason is semi-retirement.

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