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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Best of Healthcare Marketing Matters from 2020

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

What a year 2020 has been, from the Coronavirus pandemic to the election and everything in between.

The response by hospitals and health systems across the country to the pandemic has been excellent. In an industry not known for rapid innovation and adoption of new ways to deliver care, the pandemic showed just how resourceful the leaders, doctors, and nurses changed their organizations to meet the need of patients, the community, and face the threat head-on.

Kudos to everyone for the countless lives saved. Remember those doctors, nurses, first responders, and other healthcare workers who lost their lives serving others.

As some of you may know, I write another blog, Perceptions, Observations, and Musings of an Old Man, since 2019. Writing two blogs takes its toll and is not easy. I am wimping out for the last two weeks of 2020 and giving you the best of Healthcare Marketing Matters blog posts from 2020. The best blog posts' criteria are the number of views, ranked highest to lowest with 1,000 views and above being the lowest.

Your readership humbles me. I am amazed that people worldwide thought about what I was writing was worth them taking time from their day and spend it with me.  When I started Healthcare Marketing Matters, back in February 2007, I never thought it would grow from a few hundred monthly views to being read in 52 nations with slightly over 12,000 views per month.

The best I can do is to say thank you for reading. I am humbled and grateful, and I am looking forward to sharing more strategic thought and considerations with you in 2021.

Stay safe. Mask up. Get vaccinated.

1) Hospital Grassroots Marketing- Seven Ideas to Lead the Community Out of the Pandemic -  – published July 28th - 2,205 views.

2) What is the Ongoing Role of The Hospital in a Public Health Crisis? - published July 21st – 2,122 views.

3) Lessons from the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic, Are You Ready for a Chief Engagement Officer? - published - June 15th – 1,923 views.

4) Hospital Community Leadership for Ongoing SARS-CoV-2 Information. The Time is Now. - published July 13th – 1,908 views.

5) How Will You Manage the Hospital Patient Experience Post COVID-19? - published May 4th – 1,879 views.

6) "Hey Siri, Alexa, I Think I May be Coronavirus Sick. Who Should I Call?" - published June 29th – 1,850 views.

7) Because of COVID-19, Continuous Ongoing Patient Engagement is the New Reality - published July 6th – 1,839 views.

8) How Are You Reengaging Patients Post COVID-19? - published June 22nd – 1,830 views.

9)  Hospitals Need to Rebuild Trust, Not Send Pre-Pandemic Marketing Messages – published May 11th – 1,781 views.

10) Hospitals Need to Rebuild Trust, not Send Pre-Pandemic Marketing Messages – published May 11th, 1,781 views.

11) Where are All the Patients? And How do You Get Them Back? – published June 8th – 1,733 views.

12) Hospital Quality Award Season is Here. What Does That Mean During a Pandemic? – published August 3rd – 1,721 views.

13) Hope is Not a Strategy; Leading Patients, Community Through the Flu Season, COVID-19 Reemergence is. – published September 8th – 1,673 views.

14) With the "New Normal" Courtesy of SARS-CoV2, what is Your Continuous Engagement Strategy? – published May 25th – 1,664 views.

15) The Primary Care Marketing Opportunity - published April 26th - 1,590 views.

16) News Flash: SARS-CoV-2 has Changed Everything. Hospital Marketing Needs to Change too. - published May 19th – 1,549 views.

17) Have You Completed a Hospital Marketing Department Audit? - published August 11th – 1,547 views.

18) Time for Marketing's Return to the Hospital Leadership Table - published June 1st – 1,492 views.

19) Digital Stories- the Missing Hospital Marketing Opportunity? - published August 25th – 1,477 views.

20) The New Normal Podcast- Episode 9: Financial Stability of the Healthcare Industry, a Conversation with Michael Krivich - published May 28th – 1,431 views.

21) Leveraging Free Social Media Platforms During the COVID-19 Crisis for Communication. - published April 5th – 1,374 views.

22.) Four Basic Questions in Are You Ready for Hospital Price Transparency? – published August 18th – 1,366 views.

23) Healthcare Marketing in a Public Health Crisis, Be the Leader - published March 29th - 1,253 views.

24) What is Your COVID-19 Mid-Pandemic Marketing Plan? - published April 19th – 1,216 views.

25) Are You Preparing for Walgreens Entry into Primary Care? - published September 1st – 1,197 views.

26) Is the Golden Age of Patient and Community Engagement at Hand? - published April 12th – 1,135 views.

27) Hospital COVID-19 Communications Today, Will Impact Future Consumer Decisions - published March 22nd – 1,031 views.

28) Coronavirus, Your Hospital, and Crisis Communications- Key Principles to Use. - published March 8th – 1,021 views.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Best wishes for a safe, healthy, successful, and prosperous 2021.

Image by amorimboitec from Pixabay

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